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Coumadin Diet Restrictions

Coumadin Diet Restrictions- Is There Any?

Whether a person is affected with pulmonary embolism or any sort of cardiac diseases owing to blood clotting, doctors might recommend him Coumadin therapy. Anticoagulant drug Coumadin, which is highly interactive with different agents
present in blood, does not make much impact on the diet chart of a person. A person using Coumadin needs to make little modifications in his diet plan to get faster and effective results. Though there is as such no restriction on food intake, it is better to avoid eatables that are rich in Vitamin K.

The Myth about Coumadin Diet Restrictions

Like many other things, several myths circulate about Coumadin diet, and thus many are worried about the diet restrictions. Many fear that Coumadin diet will exclude all green vegetables and favorite fruit items from diet chart. This is a complete misconception. All you need to do is regulate your diet plan and maintain a proper balance of what you consume on a daily basis.

Coumadin Diet Restrictions On Food Stuffs

Coumadin diet plan as such does not impose strict diet restriction on a person. Yet, a person needs to lower Vitamin K level in his body and plan up his diet chart accordingly.

Vegetables: You can have any vegetable you like. Yet, leafy green vegetables and all legumes should be taken in low amount. It is good to avoid food stuffs that are rich in garlic and ginger content as it may affect Warfarin functionality. Soyabean is also rich in Vitamin K. Hence, should be consumed in lesser amount.

Fruits: Maintain some sort of restrictions on avocado, kiwi and cranberry juice intake. Apart from these, you can consume almost any fruit you want. Yet, it is better to ensure the fruit is not rich in vitamin K.

Dairy Products: Meat, milk and most of the dairy products have high content of Vitamin K. Therefore, you should consult a health expert to fix the amount of dairy product you can take regularly.

Alcohol And Tea: Green tea and alcohol are strictly advised against for someone on Coumadin diet. If someone is highly addicted to these, he should lessen the amount gradually and finally should try to abstain from these altogether.

Food Supplements: Nowadays, many people depend on health supplements or diet supplements to maintain a good physique. Most of these supplements contain high amount of Vitamin K, and thus should be avoided while on Coumadin diet. Diet supplements with low Vitamin K counts are available. Find them first, and then opt for them.

Little modifications in the diet plan can help a person remain unaffected by Coumadin diet restrictions. However, before making any sort of changes, it is best to consult a doctor or a nutrition expert.

Coumadin Diet Restrictions And Vitamin K

If you are on Coumadin diet, you should try to put Vitamin K consumption on check. There is nothing to worry about if you aren’t on Vitamin K rich diets. In that case, doctors will increase Coumadin dosage. Yet, you need to ensure  Vitamin K consumption is always on the same lavel.